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Staff and Support


If you are contacting the national office (Freecall 1800 639 385; Phone 08 8416 8480), you may find yourself talking to Rev Dr Lee Levett-Olson, Rev Jo-Anne Fulton, Margaret Wyatt, or one of our office volunteers. Margaret is the College Registrar, Jo-Anne is the Dean of Students, and Lee is the Principal.

Margaret Wyatt Jo-Anne Fulton Lee Levett-Olson

For Explore [Certificate/Diploma] and Discover Streams:

- Students in the ACT and NSW enrol through the ELM Centre at North Parramatta
(Phone 02 8838 8910), contacting Peter Harvey.

- Students in Victoria and Tasmania enrol through Otira College
(Phone 03 9853 2000) where the staff members are Pam Oxley and Jan Woodlock.

- Students in Queensland enrol through Trinity Theological College
(Phone 07 3377 9951) where the contact person is Astrid Hill.

General inquiries about Coolamon topics in NSW/ACT, Victoria and Tasmania, and Queensland are best directed to these contact persons.

Coolamon College Council

The national body that oversees Coolamon College’s work as an Agency of the Uniting Church Assembly is called the College Council. Its members represent all synods and regions of Australia, and gather for at least one face-to-face meeting each year. National teleconferences are also held as needed (up to three per year) in order to monitor the needs, plans, and performance of the college and its staff.

Members of the College Council come from many backgrounds but have in common both expertise and interest in theological education and the processes of the church.

Chairperson of the College Council is Dr Marelle Harisun; and Rev Jo-Anne Fulton (Dean of Students / Education Developer) is Secretary. The Principal, Lee Levett-Olson, is a member ex officio. Full current membership is available on request.

Academic Committee

The Academic Committee is appointed by the College Council to act as local Executive (in Adelaide) and advisors to the Principal and staff. The present members are:
Chairperson: Dr Marelle Harisun
Secretary: Rev Jo-Anne Fulton
Other members: Rev Dr Jonathan Barker, Rev Dr Charles Biggs, Ms Sandy Boyce, Mr Craig Mitchell, Rev Dr John Oh, Dr Anne Pattel-Gray, Rev Beth Seaman


Coolamon College is gifted with an extraordinary faculty of scholars in many fields, who prepare study materials and assess students’ assignments. Names and qualifications of more then 100 current faculty members are available on request.

Directors of Field Education

These people have been appointed Directors of Field Education to oversee Practicums:
Rev Tony Baker
Rev Dr Allen Edwards

Additional Support

Coolamon students are encouraged to link to others studying in nearby areas. Those in the Deepen Stream have a designated Local Support Person to assist them in their study tasks. Many hundreds of people have provided assistance of one kind or another to our students across Australia. Help is always as close as the phone to the national office.