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Recent News

Coolamon Calling

The latest full-colour edition of Coolamon Calling is now available for reading or printing; download it here.

Student Information Survey

Coolamon is interested in what you think about electronic resources for learning.  How 'online' should we be?  What kinds of technology work best for you?  Please download, fill in, and send back to our national office our Student Information Survey, available here.  We would be delighted to hear from both existing students and those who are considering distance study.

The New Testament with Imagination

After long delays, Bill Loader's latest book, The New Testament with Imagination is now available -- at a good discount -- through amazon.com.  Read the flyer here -- and if you haven't yet studied the New Testament, Coolamon's CMBT003 is a great way to start.

Coolamon Calling

The latest edition of Coolamon Calling, our occasional newsletter, has been posted across Australia. It is filled with important information and interesting news and this edition is in full colour. If you have not received a copy, or would like one to pass along to others, we can post you a monochrome version. Contact the national office and let us know; or you can read or download and print your own colour copy by clicking here.

HEP Status

The Adelaide College of Divinity (ACD) offers awards at both VET Sector (CMin / DipMin) and Higher Education Sector (BMin / MMin) levels, and Coolamon College delivers distance topics in all these awards. In 2005, the ACD received approval as a registered Higher Education Provider for the BMin and MMin Awards.

This status means that students doing Coolamon topics can be assured of a continuing high standard of quality and nationally recognised accreditation. Just as importantly, Australian citizens studying in the Higher Education Sector will now have access to the Commonwealth loan scheme, FEE-HELP. This service provides students with up-front loans to cover the full tuition costs of topics studied.

If you are thinking of doing further study, you might well consider making use of FEE-HELP to pay for your award topics. Please note that these Commonwealth loans are only repayable when annual income reaches a defined level; and outstanding amounts are not charged against a person’s estate at death. Applications are available directly through the ACD.

All ACD students also are entitled to membership in the Adelaide Theological Library (ATL) at no further cost. Available to students in both Explore and Deepen Streams, this service provides access to books on loan as well as a significant and growing set of web-based electronic journals.

2006 Enrolment

Students seeking these government loans will need to enrol formally with the ACD in February. The national office or state agencies will be able to supply proper forms early in the new year. Please read carefully all the information in the government’s information booklet on these loans, and make sure that all forms are complete and signed as required.
For students paying full fees up front, enrolment begins whenever you are ready.

Thank you for helping us!

We at Coolamon do appreciate student feedback on our topics. Sometimes our students make wonderful proofreaders and catch mistakes in the text we have missed; sometimes you make creative suggestions that are well worth taking on board. Congratulations to one student for several positive ideas and questions: a book voucher is on the way to show our gratitude.
We are also very grateful to Warwick Brown, who has been helping us out on a Special Project basis this year. Warwick helped design our latest Coolamon Calling and has an eye for icons that is making our Study Guides more attractive and user-friendly. He will be missed at the national office, not least for his computer skills and friendly cheerful manner. We wish him every success in his next projects: thanks, Warwick!

‘AssocMin’ at last

After some delay the Adelaide College of Divinity’s new Associate Degree in Ministry is ready for students to enrol from 2006. This two-year (full-time equivalent) award offers distance topics in a Biblical and Theological Studies focus at the higher education level. It is an ideal degree for students who are seeking introductory studies in the theological disciplines at tertiary level. Students completing the AssocMin will receive the degree from the ACD. If they choose, they can then go on to complete the ACD’s BMin in one extra (full-time equivalent) year, or Flinders University’s BTh in two years. FEE-HELP is available for this new award. Ask at the national office for further information or application forms.

New Student Support

Coolamon College offers a variety of ways to help students in the study process. Assignments are now presented to our assessors with a signed Declaration of Academic Honesty. Students wanting to know more about this important issue, as well as all the other ways to make the learning process a satisfying and successful experience, should ask the National Office (Freecall 1800 639 385) for a copy of the newly revised

Enjoy your Studies by Joan McRae Benson (A$10 + postage)

This simple and appealing introduction to the study process may be the best investment students can make in their education. It is suitable for every level of study.

The College has also completely revised its published Booklets that provide information on each of the three ‘Streams’ in which we present our topics. These are available free from the National Office and set out details of the study and enrolment processes as well as descriptions of all the topics we offer. In addition, a Student Information Guide is also available at no charge.

Further News

Visit this page often in order to catch up with the latest news from Coolamon College. You might like to bookmark this page or our home page to make your access even easier!