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Coolamon College Fees

‘Fees’ means the money paid by students for access to teaching and study materials.  These vary widely from one institution to another, and change at least once each year.  They can be paid by personal cheque or credit card.
Australian citizens studying in Higher Education awards (our Deepen Stream) are eligible to apply for government assistance in the form of long-term loans.  These are known as FEE-Help (ACD degrees) and HECS-Help (Flinders University degrees).  More detail about this scheme, in which students repay their accumulated debt only if and when their income reaches a particular level, is available here.

Fees include costs of enrolment, study materials and assessment, but do not include the cost of textbooks, journals, printing, additional postage, or transcripts and other documents.  All fees must be paid in full and in advance, unless arrangement has been made to apply for FEE-Help / HECS-Help.

Coolamon College provides teaching for accredited topics in three sets of awards.  The topic fees for those awards are set by the registered institution and are updated at least annually through the institutional websites.

1.  For all Explore Stream topics (Certificate II, Certificate IV, Diploma in Pastoral Ministry) at the VET level, the Adelaide College of Divinity is the Registered Training Organisation.  To learn the fees at this level, please go to: www.acd.edu.au/courses/fees.php
2.  To learn the fees for Deepen Stream topics in the following awards, again please go to: www.acd.edu.au/courses/fees.php

     ACD Awards


AssocMin (2 year exit point) and BMin
MMin and DMin

3.  To learn about all Deepen Stream topics, including fees, within the degree awards of Flinders University, please note these points, including following hyperlinks as needed:
      Flinders University Awards:
Entry into the Flinders University B.Th. programme is gained via the South Australian Tertiary Admissions Centre (SATAC), on their website: http://www.satac.edu.au/uniweb/sect02/default.asp (‘Theology, Distance Mode’).  Further details, including closing dates for application, contact persons, and the schedule of fees, can be obtained through Flinders University (Faculty of EHLT).
Higher Education Contribution Scheme (HECS) applies for topics undertaken through Flinders University.  Student Services Fees no longer apply.  Please see the website http://www.flinders.edu.au for details of fees and programmes; or consult the Booklets published by the ACD and Flinders University.  A quota of places in the Bachelor of Theology for distance education students is reserved for eligible applicants.  The national office is happy to receive enquiries and will direct students to the proper resource.
                  Grad. Certf.Th.St., Grad.Dip.Th.St, , M.Th.St.
Entry into all Flinders University postgraduate programmes in the School of Theology is arranged through the Head of School, Dr Stephen Downs.  Further details, including closing dates for application, contact persons, and the current schedule of fees, can be obtained through Flinders University (Faculty of EHLT).
Students joining a library may also be required to pay a fee to that library.  This does not apply to the Adelaide Theological Library(ATL) or the small library within Coolamon College’s national office which are available to all ACD or Flinders students free of charge.

Payment for all fees due must be arranged before study materials will be sent.
Further information can be obtained from the national office, as well as in the (free) Information Guide and Discover, Explore, and Deepen Booklets published each year.