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Coolamon College specialises in distance education.

Coolamon students study at home, in small groups or on their own. Established in 1993 to provide for students not able to attend set classes in capital cities, Coolamon has become a leader in theological education. Our faculty of almost 100 scholars supports over 500 students each year. The College is a national agency of the Uniting Church in Australia, the nation's third largest Christian denomination.

Coolamon College is open to anyone and everyone, regardless of faith, denomination or location. Overseas applicants are welcome.

Making Contact

While Coolamon College has no classrooms, our National Office is based in South Australia, part of the campus of the Adelaide College of Divinity. Our postal address is:

Coolamon College
34 Lipsett Terrace
Brooklyn Park SOUTH AUSTRALIA 5032

We are here to answer the telephone or faxes during office hours at:

08 8416 8480
Fax: 08 8416 8491

You can leave messages at any time through our Freecall number, or by E-mail:

Freecall: 1800 639 385
E-mail: [email protected]

Our vision

We believe that the Christian church is called by God to be a community in which people can find wholeness and healing and then be equipped to serve God in the world.

Distance Theological Education has an important part to play in this. Through Distance Theological Education people can be helped, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, to develop their own understanding of God, the world, the church and themselves in a way that draws on the rich tradition of thought and experience through which God has been revealed through the centuries. By means of Distance Theological Education we aim to increase people's understandings of the Christian faith, deepen their spiritual lives and enhance their competence in ministry.

In this way Distance Theological Education can be an agent for change towards wholeness for people and for communities.

A coolamon is a vessel, carved from wood, or made from bark, used by Australian Aboriginal people for carrying food, drink, and firecoals, as well as a cradle for babies. The College uses this name because it symbolises what we do: carry the nurture of education across distance to our students.

As a specialist deliverer of distance education, Coolamon College provides study topics in Three Streams, from entry-level group work through to Postgraduate degrees, for Awards offered by the Adelaide College of Divinity and Flinders University.

  • The Discover Stream offers topics that consist of 8 group sessions of 1 1/2 hours plus some personal study and reflection time. Students can choose whether or not to offer work for (non-accredited) assessment.

  • The Explore Stream involves education within the Vocational Education and Training (VET) Sector. Topics involve about 70 hours work, and form part of the nationally recognised Certificate IV in Ministry award of the Adelaide College of Divinity (ACD). A Diploma in Ministry Studies is a further option. Accredited Lay Preachers can fulfil all of their study requirements through this Stream.

  • The Deepen Stream involves studies within the Higher Education Sector. The Bachelor of Ministry (BMin) and Master of Ministry (MMin) focus on ministry training. These are Awards of the Adelaide College of Divinity, a registered Higher Education Provider (HEP). Students in these awards enrol through the ACD and receive full student status.

    Coolamon provides distance education for several Flinders University Awards: Bachelor of Theology (BTh), Graduate Certificate (GradCertTheolStud), Graduate Diploma in Theological Studies (GradDipTheolStud), and Master of Theological Studies (MTheolStud). Each of these coursework degrees involves study topics requiring a minimum of 140 hours of work.

    Coolamon students are also eligible for research degrees at Masters and Doctoral levels, accredited through Flinders University. For both coursework and research degrees from BTh through PhD, students enrol directly through Flinders University to study theology by distance mode.

    Australian citizens, or those with Permanent or Humanitarian Visas, enrolling in ACD award programmes within the Deepen (Higher Education) Stream are eligible to apply for FEE-HELP, the government-supported loans scheme. Apply directly through the accrediting Higher Education Provider. Australian citizens or those visa holders can also apply directly through Flinders University for HECS-HELP, the public university equivalent.

    Adelaide College of Divinity

    From 2003, Coolamon College has been a member college of the Adelaide College of Divinity (ACD), a cooperative venture of the Anglican, Catholic, and Uniting Churches founded in 1979. Other member colleges are St Barnabas (Anglican), the Catholic Theological College, a branch office of Nungalinya College (Darwin), and Parkin Wesley College (UCA). There are close associations between the ACD and the Churches of Christ in South Australia, as well as the Australian Lutheran College. The ACD also serves as the Theology School for Flinders University (South Australia) in the Faculty of Education, Humanities, Law, and Theology (EHLT).

    Ongoing Programmes

    Those Coolamon students already more than halfway through degree programs previously offered through the Brisbane College of Theology and the Sydney College of Divinity will be allowed to complete their degree. All other continuing students must apply through the ACD for transfer of credits.


    Coolamon College is a member of the Australia New Zealand Association of Theological Schools (A.N.Z.A.T.S.).